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Ahh! It was so much fun! I cosplayed seifuku with :iconprincess-luna-209: and :iconskymegumi: I was so happy, that beyond belief, there was a para para panel!!! For about an hour and a half my friend :iconskymegumi: and I got to do the para para with a para para fanatic #II instructor, (he was so nice >w< and loved to cosplay as popular J-pop idols ((hohohohoho)) he even let us use his wifi after :dummy: ) I met a girl who worked at a K-pop stand, but was in love with J-rock and visual-kei instead! I even bought a Dir-en-Grey CD The Marrow of a Bone (best I think) Bunny Emoji-18 (Shower Love) [V1]  She was so amazing and traveled all over the world to listen to different bands! She also was a model for Mint Neko in the fashion show! Angelic Pretty was also one of the main clothing lines that modeled! I got to meet Rin Rin Doll too~ ahhh how wonderful~ I was so happy that at the rave they showed Yowamushi Pedal on the big screens. They had the best DJ too haaa he was so cute:fangasm: XD

The exhibition hall was extra special this year as well because I was able to buy matching items with my friends! I got an adorable bow/fake lace purse, matching white with pink hentai panties with :iconprincess-luna-209:, an alpaca (EVEN THOUGH IT CAME OFF IT'S FU**CKING STRING AND I CAN'T FIND IT!!), Dir-en-Grey The Marrow of a Bone CD, and the whole 5 piece figure set from the anime Hoozuki no Reitetsu!!!!!!! (omg I couild just drown in happiness), :iconprincess-luna-209: bought me the only fricken Doraemon thing we could find in the convention as well! It is a little audio jack doraemon that I plug in as he stuggles to hang on =w= (it also came with a cute little pancake to wrap my headphones around Happy Bouncing Lily Happy Bouncing Lily Happy Bouncing Lily   Happy Bouncing Lily 
Elisa Sang at the concert hall too (so many crying fanboys omg no joke haha) I didn't really care or knew who she was until I heard her sing Hikari! (The ending theme to Nabari No Ou!!!!!!!!!!!!Spread More Love Emote - PLZ  Love Tards Spread More Love Emote - PLZ  we became best friends after :ladummydate: pshh lol jk drr

I also got to meet Hiroshi Nagahama!!! The director of Mushi-shi, Fruits Basket, and Detroit Metal City OVA (a bunch of other ones too, but these are the ones that were/are important to me). I got to see a viewing of episode 3 session 2 of Mushi-shi that only got released in Japan the day before! It was fantastic. :heart: revamp I got my badge signed ( but accidently on the plastic part so I had to tape what was left of his signature so it wouldn't rub off TT~TT )

So to wrap it all up, it was probably one of the best cons ever. See you next year!!
    Cosplay I'd like to do
Yellow Square Bullet Yowamushi Pedal (Naruko)
Yellow Square Bullet Meido (meido Yowamushi Pedal lololololol)
Yellow Square Bullet Kill la Kill (Satsuki)

Happy Earth Day.
  • Listening to: Dir-en-Grey
  • Eating: burnt eggs ;;-;
  • Drinking: not milk ;;-;


Momo (Monique)
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United States
Hello! Please read that you do not have to thank me for favoring your art. Since it is probably beautiful, I feel happy already to put it in my gallery of favs(: ! Thank you!!
I am gonna try to start up with drawing again
This account is old, but shows tinyyyyyy progress in coloring
Mostly I am probably going to be doing collabs with :iconprincess-luna-209: because my tablet's bust, but cha never know!
My interests are
✿Watching J-rock videos
✿Watching some anime (DEPENDS)
✿I actually don't know if I like to do art that much
✿Community Channel videos
✿eating burritos
✿improving my Japanese (it's so stereotypical on here, but it's so true. I swear it"s so true.)
✿KENJI DARVISH :heart: :heart: :kitty: :heart:

This is my bestfriend in real life :iconprincess-luna-209: :iconthinkingbubbleplz: calm down she's mine 'kay?
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I'm SOOOO happy that you're watching me!!! :icondancingchopperplz:
thank you VERY VERY much for your support!!! Love
hope you're doing ok :) (Smile) and that you're enjoying my World Cup Girls project Kawaii Mouse (Being Kawaii) [V1] World Cup Girls - Germany vs Ghana by CherryInTheSun
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Thank you for the fav :blushes:
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thanks, you are so kind!
MomoChocolate Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I appreciate all of your guy's thanking me for the favs, but like my description, please don't. I even have it in size 8 and in bold dudes.
goukanembryo Featured By Owner May 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you know what's the problem with that? I think most people don't even try to read profiles. They just scroll down, thank you for whatever you gave them, and go back to their own page. Which is really sad actually.. Sure, lack of time maybe. But still it's sad, I think :(

Personally I always take time to read profiles and check galleries. If someone has written "Please don't thank me for -whatever-", I also won't do so. I give llamas to everyone instead :D

(And, I love your webcam picture!)
MomoChocolate Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I wouldn't really mind them thanking me, but it floods my inbox! So instead of getting notes for comments and  stuff, I have a mailbox of thanks for the fav or favorite on this or this. So that's why I put it in my description that thanking me is not necessary. It slowed down quite a bit, so I believe a lot of people read it! But the one guy the other day haha. Thanks for the comment though ;v; makes me happy Emoticon Luuuuuuv  

Oh, and yeah!! I love DoraemonDoraemon (Eating) 
I have so much Doraemon merchandise in my room
 (I think it's an addiction >.>) 
goukanembryo Featured By Owner May 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That icon haha :la:
I know that problem very well actually. Seeing you got feedback messages makes you curious, right? But then only read "thanks for -whatever-" is a little sad, when you hoped to get a real feedback on your artwork (or faves) ;3; But I stopped to care if they flood my inbox with it.. I don't know why though :D
And it makes me happy to make other people happy! :hug:

I love it too c: And I know the problem with addiction... o-o it's about something else though XD
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